COAREA Objectives


To regulate the trade of Real Estate Agents in Coimbatore City and in peripheral areas such as Coimbatore District, Tirupur, Erode, Salem and Nilgiris and in such places where the Association may feel it necessary to have its operation.
To attend to the welfare of the Association and its Members and to make representations whenever necessary to government bodies and to individuals in regard to the difficulties that the members of the Association may have and to have their grievances redressed.
To regulate the trade of Real Estate Agents and to introduce norms and principles of business among themselves and with those who may interact with the members of the Society.
To provide a centralized information center for the Association members and to own an Office for this purpose and to provide modern infrastructure and to create facilities for the members to have their business transacted.
To provide necessary business report to the clients of the members.
To resolve any dispute among the members of the Society and to resolve any dispute that the member or members may have outside by arbitration procedure.
To modernize and endorse the professionalism of real estate brokerage in the state of Tamil Nadu and across the country, so as to accomplish simplicity, responsibility, reasonable trade and moral practices, for on the whole excellent supremacy in the industry.
To benefit of public, to provide eminence service, ensuring customer satisfaction, creating credibility in the industry and facilitating profits for the practioners.
To encourage principled and customary business practices in real estate consulting across the state of Tamil Nadu by tutoring them become a successful realtor, so as to bring together all the realtors under one umbrella.
To establish a centre for interaction amongst members and clients and promotion of business as per the high industry standards based on code of ethics.
To promote co-operation between all member and persons engaged in the business of Real Estate Brokerage in India.
To institute encourage, develop and progress all kinds of methods and guiding factors relating to the Real Estate Trade.
To undertake short term training programs for the members of the association in regard to the skills of tested techniques and to exchange new ideas to solve challenging problems.
To educate the members or persons related to the real-estate trade in the methods principles and standards to be maintained of the trade and in general to acquire a more enlightened perspective on Real Estate matters.
To conduct conferences, seminars, demonstrations, exhibitions etc with a view to disseminating the knowledge and techniques of Real Estate investment and asset management, so that it would help the community of people involved to render better services with standard prescribed by the association.
To establish and assist in co-ordination with the Government or the concerned department to even out any objection that the association may think and decide to obstruct, which will be in the interest of the trade.
To promote and carry out research, surveys and investigations and publish the useful results of such research, surveys and investigations which affects and benefits of the Real Estate profession.
To ensure that all members of the Association co-operate with each other and follow the Rules and Regulations lay down by the Association.
To settle disputes among members arising out of members violating the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Association.
To provide a forum for interaction amongst members to exchange views and ideas.
To provide a forum for the settlement of disputes between the members and clients members and members.
Arrange and provide for, or join in arranging and providing for, the holding of exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses.
Provided that the Society shall not support with its funds, or endeavour to impose on or procure to be observed by its members or others, any regulation or restriction which would make it a trade union.
To do all other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the association or any of them.

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